Announcing…Deconstructed Art Retreat

Jen Cushman’s Deconstructed Art Retreat

A fundamental skill of every mixed-media artist is the ability to see an object not for what it is but what it can become. Transforming found objects takes a keen eye, an innovative mind & skilled hands. For the re-imagined art to feel beautiful, one needs resonance. Storytelling elicits this. I want to share these skills with you in my brand new Deconstructed Art Retreat January 24-28th, 2018 in beautiful wine country of Temecula, California.

This is the retreat I’ve been dreaming about and planning in my head and heart for a long time. A five night, four full days immersive experience that’s unlike any other  where I use my art making/storytelling skills to do a deep dive with other creative women who share my twin passions for found objects and mixed-media. 

Join me if you’re searching…

  • To take your designs to the next level
  • Skip the learning curve when it comes using power tools safely and efficiently
  • Take anything apart and repurpose it as art. It’s not only empowering but a great confidence boost!
  • Hone your skills under a hands-on instructor who’s an enthusiastic guide and mentor
  • For inspiration to help you get out of your head and back into your he{art}?
  • Do it in a fun, supportive and gorgeous environment with a tribe of like-minded art sisters

Charity Wings and my My dear friend Elena Lai Etchverry with is hosting my retreat which, by the way, is taking place at the gorgeous Prima Marketing INC Retreat House.

You will find all the details and information you need on my website here. Just click the tab under workshops or jump straight to my landing page at 

We are going to have an amazing, insightful, inspiring and prolific time. I would be honored to my core if you join me! 


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