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Art is You in Santa Rosa, California is just around the corner (April 4-9th 2017) and I’ve been having some really fun play/work days in my studio doing some prep work for my upcoming three workshops. Most recently, I’ve been sculpting little faces out of polymer clay in preparation for my Altered Tins workshop where we’ll be taking some old tins and transforming them into truly unique mixed-media necklaces. Casting is one of the big techniques of this class. Students will be making molds and casting polymer clay, paper clay and resin figures. I want everyone to get a feel for the different types of mediums that can be used in the mold making and casting techniques.
Polymer Clay Faces Sculpted by Jen Cushman


The reason I’ve been sculpting my own faces is that while I can use doll faces, the expressions are just a little too sweet for my taste. I’m looking for something a little more raw, earthy, unique as the story line for these tins. I turn the music on in my studio and sit at my table trying to make as many different faces as I can from my imagination. I usually get about three or four done and then need to turn to photos for reference. Recently after making a little grouping of these guys, they started to talk to me. Seriously, I heard voices inside my head and they wanted to tell me who they were and what their characters were about  (especially the computer engineer nerd with glasses on the left in the pic above). I laughingly talked to them and told them to “shush”! I had work to do and couldn’t stop to play with them. As soon as I get a few more made, that will be another sessions as I make a variety of molds and then cast them in the three different art mediums. My plan is to make a good half dozen completed necklaces for my students to use as a guide during their creative play day

Be sure to follow my Instagram for more works in progress of these guys as I create them and continue to make headway toward my workshop. Speaking of workshop, if you are at all thinking about joining me for Art is You, please sign up. The group room rate discount ends pretty quickly here and I’d hate for you to decide to come and then not be able to get a room.  Also, Salianne has announced that this is the last time she will be holding Art is You in Santa Rosa, so if you’ve always wanted to find your art tribe and hang out in California wine country, this is the best opportunity to achieve those two goals.

Here’s a direct link to my Altered Tins workshop. As you can see, students will be making every component — from the faces to drilling and altering the tins for cold connection attachments to forming the links for the necklace from steel wire as well as the bead links. There is A LOT to learn in a day and it’s going to be a Ton O’ FUN! 


jen cushman - jewelery


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