Release Waiver

Deconstructed Studio Workshop with Jen Cushman Waiver

Also Art and Senses Retreat in the South of France Waiver

In the case of Acts of God, war, disaster or unforeseen circumstances, Jen Cushman reserves the right to reschedule the art retreat. We reserve the right to limit or restrict attendance to any person, business or representative thereof. Should participant be asked to leave as a result of unethical behavior, rudeness to instructor or other participants, unnecessary drama or the creation of general unease, distrust or discomfort, Instructor will follow up verbal request with written documentation within 45 days at conclusion of retreat/workshop as to specific behavior issues/problems that would cause such an extreme action to be taken. 

Release/Waiver: Attendees assume all risk of property damage, personal harm, illness or injury relating to or resulting from their participating in all workshops and activities. Attendees forever release Jen Cushman, any affiliated organizations, and their respective directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, and representatives (collectively “Releasees”) from any and all actions, claims, or demands that they, their assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse and legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury, death, or property damage, related to (i) participation in these activities, (ii) the negligence or other acts, whether directly connected to these activities or not, and however caused, by any Releasee, or (iii) the condition of the premises where these activities occur, whether or not the attendee participated in the activities. Attendees also agree that they, their assignees, heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse and legal representatives will not make a claim against, sue, or attach the property of any Releasee in connection with any of the matters covered by the foregoing release.



Signature Required



Printed Name Required



Date Required 


Registering and paying a non-refundable deposit for Jen Cushman retreat and or international workshop confirms the attendee has read, acknowledges and agrees to all policies and regulations as listed above. 

**Note: If you come to Deconstructed Studio / Art and Senses in the South of France workshops without a signed and dated waiver you will be asked to sign before workshops begin or required to forfeit your fees and asked to leave. No exceptions.