Assemblage and Journals



“What is it about assemblage that gets my creative juices flowing? As a child I was fascinated with little boxes and secret hiding places. I was always looking at the ground, head down and eyes peeled for secret blessings and cast off items that adults were too busy to notice.

I’ve been a collector of little things my whole life – a magpie of shiny objects. Nothing valuable. While my mother never understood my fascination with little things, she gave me time and space to invent stories and play with my treasures. In college I was introduced to Joseph Cornell and his Surrealist shadow boxes and Louise Nevelson and her found wood sculptures. I tucked this knowledge away for another decade, never knowing at the time how much this work with objects influenced me. My experimentation in assemblage grew from my love of collage. Now, it’s how I build dimension, texture and resonance.”