“When I re-discovered myself as a visual artist in my early 30s, I was drawn to paper and ink. I quickly began diversifying my materials. I walked the aisles of the paper crafting stores seeking interesting patterns and color combinations and I’d wander into home stores for pretty paper napkins. I’d spend hours looking for unusual ephemera at antique malls. I’d collect business cards and matchbooks from restaurants with inspiring fonts and innovative logos. I spent many Saturday mornings at tag sales looking for old books, sheet music, old photographs of people and landmarks, handwritten letters, used ticket stubs and any aging ephemera collecting dust in boxes and attics. Still today, when I feel the itch to create but I’m not completely sure what I want to work on in my studio I go to my paper collection for inspiration. There is nothing quite like the meditative process of ripping & tearing & gluing of paper to shift my mind from a feeling of too-busyness and overwhelm into a state of mindfulness so I can show up for my art-making process.”