Mixed Media Jewelry


“My art passion has always been mixed-media. Collage and assemblage mostly. I took a resin jewelry workshop in 2006 and it ignited a creative spark when the light bulb went off in my brain that I could miniaturize my collages and physically wear them on my body as personal adornment. Seriously? Seriously… Seriously! Since then, I’ve been studying and learning every possible jewelry-making technique I can in order to express my voice in this exciting genre of wearable art. I’ve explored polymer clay, precious metal clay, resin clay, beading, fiber, pearl knotting, silversmithing, fold forming, chain maille. etc., but I always return to my favorites of metal and resin and wire. It’s my comfort zone and the niche where I feel I can do my best work. Lately, I’m returning to my love of found objects and incorporating vintage into my work. In my mind this is Fresh Vintage. 21st century techniques and vintage components. The new and the old juxtaposition excites me.”