How I spent my summer vacation

“We have no idea what’s going to happen.

Once you start falling in love with the free fall, you start to really live.”

It’s been a pretty incredible summer. Laid back…hanging out by the pool and watching three kids, ages 8, 8 and 9. I decided late Spring to put my business on a slow roll for the summer so I could stay home with the littles, my daughter and my best friend’s two kiddos who are really like my children-from-another-mother. Even with the downtime, I ended up doing some fun work things because the opportunities were just too good to pass by. These include:

1) Having two camera guys from Cox Media and Host Jane Monzures come to my studio for 2.5 hours to film an episode of Craft Room Crash. I’ve done television before, but I’ve never had peeps in my studio filming every last detail, from my mixed-media art to my scissors to my washi tape to my reclaimed letter signs that spell out CRAFT. Want to see how over two hours of film gets expertly edited down to 5 minutes, head over to the TV & VIdeo page of my website

2) Sending off more than a dozen photos of my clean and organized studio to Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. The editor Jeannine Stein contacted me after seeing my social media for Craft Room Crash and asked if I’d like to be their featured Studio Artist for the September/October 2017. Ummm…heck yes! The issue isn’t out yet, but I did fill out the long questionnaire Jeannie sent me that she will use to do the write up.

3) Being invited by Leilani Rector to be one of her 21 experts in her Sacred Creativity Activation: How to Motivate, Focus and Inspire Your Creative Practice for Radical Confidence and Self-Expression! Leilani is a multi-passionate creativity motivator who’s convinced creativity is the new standard of value in the global marketplace. She embodies a life full of sacred creativity, and sees it as her mission to help others do the same. Fun, inventive, and original, I was really inspired by Leilani and her expert guests. The summit runs until August 14th. and there is also a private Facebook group for people to talk about the event and share. I was so thrilled to be interviewed by her and be part of her “creative heroes” as she called us. 

4) Receiving my Reiki Master attunement (I started the process a decade ago and finally went all the way!) and becoming a Certified Angel Card reader through Doreen Virtue. 

5) Being chosen for Danielle LaPorte’s Launch Team for her ah-mazing new book White Hot Truth. Team D set up a secret Facebook group for her launch team and shared some fun behind-the-scenes things about how she wrote her book to the incredible marketing/publicity campaign she and her team put together. Wow, just WOW. Strong, powerful, beautiful women on that team. I learned a lot! I also drove to Los Angeles to see Danielle LaPorte speak on her book launch tour. Seriously, a highlight in my life. 

I also spent some time this summer writing a new business plan for my soloprenuer business. I’m not quite ready to share all the nitty gritty details of what I’m up to, but if you follow me on Instagram I’m planning on scattering breadcrumbs as I roll out my new ideas and programs. If you’re really interested in what I’m up to, please sign up for my newsletter. My plan is to send it out a full one once a month and possibly add a few announcement-type ones in between. Click the Contact section of my website to add yourself to my list. 

Now that my daytime babysitting duties have come to an end and my son and daughter are back to school, it’s full steam ahead. Honestly, I can’t remember being this excited about my business and my future in a long time. I had to slow things down, re-evaluate, ask myself lots of questions and then feel – truly feel – the responses of my body to know where I wanted to intuitively move next. Constant busyness is truly a dagger to creativity, or at least that’s one of my major self discoveries. Life in much more balanced with work, family and play. Some days are still crazy busy juggling work/motherhood, but I’ve learned some really important lessons and I have no plans to look backwards. 

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