I’m on Make it Artsy

Last November I flew to Cleveland, Ohio to the KS Productions Studio to film two guest spots on the awesome mixed-media television show Make it Artsy. The show airs nationwide on PBS Public Television and the host, Julie Fei Fan Balzer is an amazing artist and (lucky for me!) friend of mine through the arts and crafts industry.

Julie is such an amazing host. She’s natural and bubbly on camera, so much so that I’ve found the best thing to do is just follow her lead and hang on for the ride! Her job is to make the guests look good, sound knowledgeable and to create a fun show for the viewers. She does this in spades. She’s also not afraid to get silly and be a goofball if guests are so inclined – of course, I was all in on that one. Take a look at the selfie she snapped at the end of filming. Cracks me up every time I see it..arghhhh pirate artist. Ahoy Matey!!!

Season 200 of Make it Artsy begins March 30th. Look for Episode 204 – Make it Shiny where I’m doing a mixed-media assemblage project using wire and metal stamps by ImpressArt and Episode 213 – Inspired by Fashion where I teach how to make a wire slide bangle and personalized charm dangles, also using wire and ImpressArt’s alphabet stamps. 

Take a peek at the little promo we did for Episode 204. Like everything else about that day, it goes quickly! 


As seen on Make It Artsy Public Television show. Videos by KS Productions, photo credit Julie Fei Fan Balzer

Want to learn a little more about the show? Here’s some info from Season 200’s press release:

[Develop your creative muscles with Make It Artsy Series 200.

This season, pump up your skills as an artist, strengthen your creativity and stretch your artistic limits. Some of today’s most creative “makers” are here to coach you along.

By mixing media and using creative techniques, integrate your art into everyday life. Use new tools, materials and lots of imagination to pump up your artistic fitness. So, craft along with us– on Make It Artsy.

Be a part of the “maker” movement that is sweeping the country!  Not just a crafter, not just an artist – become a maker!  with  MAKE IT ARTSY!]

Be sure to set your DVRs for the show. If you’re anything like me and love being part of the maker movement, you’re going to love the people and projects featured on this show. 



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