Jen Cushman - Lightworker

My Story

I was born sensitive and it often made life a little challenging and confusing as a young person. I’ve always felt different. I knew things and said things a child shouldn’t know so adults often called me precocious. I always felt too much.

Jen Cushman - Lightworker I learned to cope with my sensitivities by focusing my attention on my innate creativity; I was constantly reading and writing, drawing and making things. I was alone a lot as a child -the youngest of grown up siblings who left the nest by the time I was five – but I wasn’t often lonely. I never lacked for playmates because from as long as I can remember I’ve always felt ethereal presence. My mother told me that as a baby I would coo and move my head to speak to things unseen. 

My empath sensitivities guided me to a career in writing and, later, the arts. My introduction to metaphysical principals happened in my thirties when I wandered into a fabulous used bookstore, and from then on I became a spiritual seeker. Six years ago I felt pull – a calling – to work hand-in-hand with Source energy and my angels and guides. A busy teaching and art career at the time made it impossible. Three years ago, I left the job and said yes to my soul’s whispers to further explore and open up to the possibilities of a new way of being. I received my Reiki certifications (levels I, II and Masters) and also became a Certified Angel Card Reader.  Using these vital tools, I learned how to manage my energy, set up boundaries and tune into Source energy as I desire rather than being an open antennae, which has truly been life changing! I’ve been doing this work quietly, intensely and 100% intuitively. My connection to my guides has grown stronger as I’ve become Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, meaning I see images in my mind’s eye, telepathically hear my guides and angels speak and feel their messages in my body as sensations. I use the Angel Tarot deck as my tool to allow me to connect to Source energy and to be of service to others. 

This work is powerful. It has changed me at a cellular level and an auric one. Through Reiki, breath work and focused spiritual studies, I am grounded, guided, guarded and protected. I am a light worker and my job each day is to live as authentically as I can in my own truth on my own path, living the Universal Laws and principals I know to be true to me. I share my journey freely in the hope that my words, art, writing, actions inspire others.


I’m available for Angel Tarot Readings to help you obtain insight & clarity into issues or concerns you may be experiencing in your life. To learn more about my work visit my page:

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