Jen Cushman - Lightworker

Emphatic Intuitive Readings using the Angel Tarot Deck 


What are they?

Angel Tarot can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life from their spirit guides and angels. A reading can give compelling insight into relationships, career, finances and health concerns. It can provide clarity in order to help you make more informed decisions and/or take positive actions steps in present time and the near future. Using the Angel Tarot cards as a tool, I tap into the Universal Divine Source energy so that I may see, hear, feel and intuit specific messages from my guides and angelic advisers to you. 

What can I expect?

Every reading is different and, truly, the messages your guides and angels wish to give you are absolutely unique to you. My job is to tune in and tap into the universal energy and translate their messages to the best of my abilities. Often the cards pulled and the story told is uplifting and encouraging because our guides and angels love every opportunity to tell us what we’re doing right in our lives! If you’re facing challenges or big transitions, the cards pulled and the messages given almost always present themselves during a reading.  This is simply how your guides and angels point out areas of unease where you may not be living your best and highest self, and they truly want to help. They will only illuminate challenges that, on a soul level, you’re ready to hear and potentially work on. The messages provide insights and actionable steps/ideas you can take even if you’re working through difficult issues or challenges. My emphatic intuitive readings are always done in the intention of light and love, and therefore are meant to be positive and helpful at their core.

How does it work?

Before every reading I center myself and do a clearing and grounding exercise in order to allow peace and openness to reside in my chakras, particularly focusing on my heart, third eye and crown chakras. At the beginning of a reading, I will ask you to do some breath work in order to cleanse your energy and open your higher self, also known as your soul self, to your guides and angels. Sometimes I will pull the cards during my meditation and other times I will pull them during our reading. It all depends on what the guides tell me. We’ll chat a few moments about the issues and concerns or positive clarity you desire during the reading. Then we will get right into the cards. The Angelic energy is often flowing smoothly and there is usually a lovely feeling of divine presence, which causes our human selves to want to be present.  Angel Tarot card readings are many things on many levels, but when a client can deeply feel total alignment with his or her higher self in connection to higher source energy, the feelings/emotions that arise from it are a divine gift.

While all readings begin with a question, one hour sessions tend to be more open-ended with free flowing intuitive information coming in. The angels and guides will take the reading in the direction they want it to go. My job is to stay present, clear, open and allow the flow of energy as I see and hear the symbolic images they show in my mind’s eye and interpret them to you.

What should I do to prepare?

Before your reading it helps tremendously if you can take five minutes to quiet and center yourself. Turn off TV and/or music and mute cell phones during these few moments. Center yourself by taking three deep breaths. Fill your lungs fully with air and then completely release the air, feeling it all the way down into your belly. Breathe deep in and out a minimum of three breaths. If it feels good, continue to breathe in and out as many times as you need. The goal here is to feel your energy turning from outside world focus to your inner being/inner quiet. As human beings we have constant thoughts and to do lists. For five minutes, I ask you to simply breathe and bring your focus and energy inward so you’re thinking only about yourself. Hopefully you will feel more centered at the end of this breath work. Then ask the Angels to bless your reading and help you hear and interpret it for your highest good. Focus on your question and try to keep your mind still-yet-open to really tap into the vibrations and energy of your reading. What you do with the information revealed is your choice and keeping your intentions clear will guide you to the most helpful interpretation of your reading.

Why Angel Tarot instead of traditional Tarot?

The traditional Tarot deck consists of a total 78 cards, and is broken up into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are 22 cards of higher (karmic) wisdom, numbered in ordinal fashion from zero to 21. They point to the bigger issues in our lives. The other 56 cards in the Tarot are considered the Minor Arcana – the Minors tend to be more about details and daily life within a reading. The Minor Arcana has 4 suits, and each suit consists of cards numbered Ace through 10, and has 4 court cards. Tarot cards are laid out in a number of particular configurations, called a “spread”.

Angel Tarot stays within traditional Tarot structure but has been re-imagined with more positive and peaceful imagery and messaging. A few of the traditional Tarot cards that can be frightening to people, such as the Hanged Man, the Tower and Death cards have been renamed to better reflect life circumstances, challenges and transitions more in line with 21st century life. There are no upside down cards in Angel Tarot, which typically means “caution” in traditional tarot. I enjoy the full range of this large (still 78 cards) deck and find that my angels and guides are better able to present a full story during a reading with so many cards to pull from.

As a Certified Angel Tarot Card reader, I primarily use this deck in my readings. I have other Oracle Card decks and love to collect them. I will often feel inspired to look though my decks before a reading and bring one along. Again this is an intuitive process, but many times my guides will have me pull one card from an Oracle Card deck as a finishing note to the Angel Tarot Card reading. I strive to ensure all of my clients leave their reading feeling uplifted and infused with good vibes. While this is not always possible due to the nature of issues brought up during a reading, please remember your guides and angels will never give you any information you’re not able to handle. While, on the surface, messages conveyed may sometimes seem challenging, please understand there’s a part of you that wants to know, see and possibly change the situation in order for you to live your highest and best life.

What are Oracle Cards?

Oracle decks are less structured. There’s no set number of cards in an Oracle deck and they’re lots of them available to purchase. Oracle decks tend to have themes, such as angels, spirit guide animals, fairies, unicorns, mermaids, affirmations, goddesses, etc. They can be a fun personal tool for you to incorporate into your daily life when you want to tap into your own inner guidance system and receive messages from your angels. The cards I use are Denise Linn’s Sacred Traveler cards, Tosha Silver’s Wild Offerings Oracle deck and Collette Baron Reid’s Spirit Animals deck. Oracle decks can be laid out in a spread for a reading, but I tend to use them as a one-question, one-card tool. Try pulling a card each morning before work to see what your day may hold or during a weekend day when you might be more relaxed and open to tapping into your inner self.

How much does a reading cost?

$85 – a 60-minute Celtic Cross spread. This reading allows for a longer, more intuitive story to emerge in the cards. The reading focus on one particular question or concern, but other areas of your life and questions you may have come into play during the allotted time. For example, your main question might be about your relationship, but other cards regarding family, health or career can appear in order to illuminate how these other aspects are interwoven and directly apply to your question.

$45 – a 30 minute three card pull. This is for the times when you have one issue or hot topic on your mind. For example, you have a business opportunity you’d like clarity on or wish for a heads up going into an important decision. These are quick, to-the-point readings. I offer this reading only for repeat clients who’re already familiar with my process and have worked with me before.

New Beginnings Reading:

I do a limited number of readings from the second week in November to the second week in January using the continuous circle Wheel of Life spread. Once a year during this time, my angels and guides gift me with a little further out view of experiences and possibilities to come. Cards are chosen for each month of the New Year ahead. My guides will give you a “heads up” or a “look ahead” tidbit of information about various events/activities/challenges or situations that can happen during each of the months of the coming year.

New Beginnings Spread is $65 and takes about 45 minutes to complete.


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