Mystery boxes up for grabs


Even though it’s February, it’s warm and lovely here in Arizona and Spring Cleaning has commenced in my studio. I’ve swept beads and jewelry components right off my work table into waiting, empty flat rate priority boxes. I’ve gone though my huge collection of cling and red rubber stamps, my patterned paper stash, my inks and all the lonely little class kits sitting in the corners ready to be emptied and put back into art selection circulation. 

If you’re a mixed-media artist/maker/crafter who is looking to play along with the Jen’s Studio mystery grab bag game, then please send me an email and take one (or two or three) of these filled-to-the-brim boxes off my ink-stained hands. I make no guarantees of what you will receive, other than I promise the actual retail value of the box is more than what you paid for it. Please know there is a mix of new and used (workshop use) product in every mixed-media box. Jewelry boxes are mostly new product. I’m pretty sure there’s even some handmade by me odds and ends thrown into some of them. Kind of a little art surprise if you get it, kinda like CrackerJax. 

Medium flat rate boxes only for mixed-media. Price is $30 plus the standard $13.60 for the box through the US Post Office. Small flat rate boxes are $25 and are for jewelry makers, plus the standard $7.50 shipping. Limited supply. Once they are gone, there won’t be any more until my next round of Studio Spring Clean & Purge. 

Here’s wishing you an ArtFULL (like the play on words…artful, art full…) day! 

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