Off to Bali!

(Photo courtesy of Bali Stock Photos)

(Photo courtesy of Bali Stock Photos)

Hard to believe but as you are reading this, I’m getting ready to board a plane to Indonesia for a workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer. She and 15 students will be making an amazing Shaman’s Collar that she’s built for her Stones, Bones and Sacred Jewelry workshop. I’ve been working behind the scenes since February this year organizing the trip, and have been having a blast working on all the details that it takes to pull off an intimate, international retreat. I’m so excited to see all the parts come together and what a life-changing experience this is going to be for myself and the other ladies/artists on this retreat.

In addition to studio time, we’ll be doing a Full Moon Fire Ceremony. Because the day we scheduled it coincides with Balinese villager’s official ceremony, we’ll be joining in with their authentic ceremony. I can’t wait to experience this in person. It’s purpose is to release all this things that are holding you back to the fire and allowing space for new opportunities to come into your life.

I plan to take a ton of photos while I’m there and I’ll be sharing them (Internet gods shine on me, please!) while I’m there on my social media channels: Instagram and my Facebook business page. Please, if you haven’t already, go “like” my Facebook page and find and follow me on my Instagram.  When I return, I plan to write at least a couple blogs on my experiences there. I have no doubts that in addition to inspiring me artistically, that Bali will impact me in ways I can only dream as I prepare for this trip of a lifetime.





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