Teaching at CKU’s 10-year reunion

If you know me, or have read my blog or listened to a few of the podcasts I’ve done, then you know I re-discovered my creative journey 11 years ago when I turned from journalist to at-home mom, which then led me to join a local MOMs group. One of the ladies from my MOMs club was a Creative Memories consultant and invited me to a crop.

I instantly connected with some other creative moms and was totally diggin’ on the old-fashioned quilting bee vibe of doing something artsy alongside a group of women while laughing and chatting about our children and husbands.

Again, if you know me or have heard this story, then you know that I was not a typical scrapbooker from the get-go. I needed to get my hands dirty. I needed paints and glues and to create with things beyond die cuts and Mrs. Grossman’s stickers (all that was really available in 1999). About a year into my scrapbooking journey, I found what was then called “altered” art and my passion for what I now know as mixed-media really kicked into high gear.

Fast forward to 2011. I rarely scrapbook, though I still incorporate lots of photographs into my work that hold special meaning for me. I still love to make things using the images of my beautiful children and all the motifs of what’s important to me — home, happiness, love, family, passion for life and art. I also adore all the luscious scrapbooking papers and I still collect my favorites and incorporate them into my resin work.

Even though my art is completely different from where it began, I feel as though a part of me is remaining true to what I loved about scrapbooking so many years ago; documenting my story and that of my loved ones. The full story too. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the heartbreaking. Life is a full spectrum of emotions, and telling the truth and being real are still very much part and parcel to the way I choose to live my life.

Imagine my surprise when the amazing folks at Creating Keepsakes events contacted myself and my dear friend Kristen Robinson to co-teach at the upcoming Creating Keepsakes University Reunion. I just about fell out of my chair I was so surprised. I used to dream about one day being asked to publish my art or teach for CK. It was a secret dream that I shared with no one.

The website for registration went live yesterday. It’s reality. So, if you have a passion for scrapbooking, or mixed media or jewelry, this is going to be a really exciting event. The hotel is gorgeous. The event is in Southern California where the weather is always wonderful. Think about coming to join me and Kristen and a line up of “A” team talented artists and instructors. I’d love to see you there!

P.S. I’m actually visiting Kristen this week as I’m writing this post. Since I’m not at my home computer, I don’t have access to my art images. However, when I get home, I think I’ll dig up some of my old scrapbooking pages and post them here for old-time’s sake. It will be fun, as very little of this work has ever been published. It’s something that I’ve kept just for me and my family.

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