Upcycled forks for holiday decor


Welcome to the 2016 Handmade Holidays Blog Hop. Each year, my friend Jennifer Priest organizes this amazing blog hop and every year it gets bigger and bigger! Seriously, this hop is the place to be for online crafty goodness to inspire you and get you into the holiday making mood.

This year instead of doing a gift-giving idea for the hop as I’ve done in the past, I decided to dip into my vintage stash and come up with a project that’s pure holiday home decor. Y’all know how much I loooooove up-cycling utensils, right? I made a fork bracelet for my book Making Metal Jewelry and have done spoon rings, stamped metal spoon garden signs, knife bracelets, fork pendants, you name it. For Christmas dinner this year, however, I decided to bend some forks as place name holders for our holiday table. And here’s an extra little tip: you can use these bent forks as easels to display your ATCs, cards and small paintings all year round. Home decor but also gift giving! That’s thinking outside the box.

So let’s get started bending forks and making a rustic vintage-inspired holiday tablescape.



  • Old Fork
  • Pliers
  • Paper for name cards – I used Graphic 45 square tags
  • Colorbox Cats Eye Queue in Misty Meadow
  • Snowflake Buttons from Buttons Galore & More
  • Medium Dodz from Scrapbook Adhesives
  • Iron Orchard Designs Vintage Moulds Baroque 2
  • Air dry clay
  • Acrylic paint in cream and brown
  • Paintbrush
  • Non stick craft mat
  • Matte sealer
  • Ribbon scraps or vintage seam binding
  • Gold mica powder (optional)
  • Rhinestone chain (optional)

Here’s a video that shows how to bend the forks to make the mini easel.

Directions: Making the decorative vintage-inspired napkin rings using air dry clay and these awesome Iron Orchard Designs Baroque molds.


Pinch off two equal balls of Part A and Part B air dry clay. I prefer the brand Avis Apoxie Sculpt, but it is a little sticky to work with be sure to use a protective barrier cream on your hands first like Gloves in a Bottle to make clean up easier.


Mix the two parts together until they’re fully incorporated. Pinch off small balls and start to fill the mold cavities with the clay. Press firmly into the mold and then leave to dry naturally.


To make the napkin rings, pinch off two equal parts of clay and use your palms to roll into a snake. Join the ends together and let dry on non stick craft mat.

When the clay is dry and rock hard, pull the pieces from the mold. If you need to clean up any clay that went over the edges of the mold, you can use a sanding attachment on a handheld rotary drill or file it off with hand files. For safety sake, wear a dust mask when working with airborne clay dust.


Paint the clay embellishments and dry napkin rings with a cream colored acrylic paint and let dry.


Mix a small amount of brown paint with a dab of water to create a glaze and brush over the clay embellishments, letting the darker color sink into the crevices. Wipe off excess paint with a paper towel. Antique to your liking. For a more rustic look, allow the brown to seep into the crevices. For a lighter, shabby chic look, wipe away most of the brown.

If you want to give them a touch of shine, dry brush a dab of gold mica powder on the clay embellishments for highlights.


Spray with a clear matte sealer and let dry.

Directions to make the name placeholders


Cut one inch off the bottom of a large square tag by Graphic 45. Ink the edges of the tag with Ice Blue in the Colorbox Cats Eye Queue


Color two large snowflake buttons blue by inking them with French Blue in the Cats Eye Queue


Use wire snips to cut the button shank from the smaller snowflake button from Buttons Galore & More

Write the name of your guest on the tag


Use the medium DODZ to attach the snowflakes onto the tag. Cluster them in a grouping of three for a more interesting design.

Optional: Add a dash of bling with rhinestone chain by attaching small DODZ to the back of the chain and glue to tag


Cut a four inch piece of cream colored and grey colored vintage seam binding and thread through the eyelet

Now that you have all your pieces complete, it’s time to set the table. Use your beautiful dishes and silverware and then pull a vintage cloth napkin through your handmade napkin ring. Add some silver candlesticks, some fresh flowers and don’t forget the incredible food. Holidays are all about enjoying friends, family and loved ones. There’s nothing quite like using your maker skills to set a gorgeous table. Your guests will appreciate it, and you, all the more for it!





I hope you enjoyed this fun holiday home decor project. A big thank you to the sponsors who provided me with supplies to make this for you:

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