What the heck is a QR code?

Not sure if you’ve been following my QR code adventure that began this summer at the Craft and Hobby Association or not, but my conversations on the topic seem to have hit a target with some folks.

You can read my columns on QR codes at CreateMixedMedia, but now there is one more avenue to get some information on how sexy this new technology can be. Ricë Freeman-Zachary and I did a podcast on Wednesday explaining QR codes and all the cool things one might be able to do with them. Ricë is so darn fast and prolific that she already has the podcast live on her blog Notes From the Voodoo Cafe. Here’s the direct link to our QR code podcast.

If you don’t feel like following the links, here’s a general rundown. QR codes are short for Quick Response. They are those little squiggly square black-and-white boxes with squares in the corners that you scan with your smart phone. You must first download a QR code app on your phone, but these are free so it’s no biggie. The scan goes to a link and up pops up some kind of information on your smart phone, be it a website, a coupon, a video, a flash animation, etc. There are also QR tags, which are square colored boxed with triangles inside.

My QR tag is shown above. You need to download a tag reader from http://gettag.mobi to read mine. While it’s a little difficult to do this when the tag or code is on the computer, you would need to open your app, hold your smart phone to the computer screen, the phone will scan the tag and my face will pop up on your screen.

Here I am at Art Unraveled this summer when I was excited to open Destination Creativity and see my little blurb that I wrote for the book.

Ricë has taken the information I gave her about QR codes and just ran with it. She created the cutest book trailer for her fabulous new book Destination Creativity and attached it to a QR code that she’s put on her MOO cards and make stickers with, etc. I’m so proud of her! I feel like a momma bird watching her baby fly away.

I am seriously in love with Destination Creativity. Ricë and her gorgeous husband/photographer Earl, truly captured the collaborative and community spirit found at these amazing mixed-media art retreats held across the country. When I write about where I’m teaching, it’s usually at one of these events and I just feel so blessed and lucky to be part of these experiences. I promise once you read, Ricë book you are going to want to book a flight to the next Art & Soul or Adorn Me! (hey, check out my workshops if you click the link).

Also, my sweet friend Barbe Saint John (who is also a wickedly-talented mixed-media artist and one of the people whom I bounce my ideas off of) also blogged about Destination Creativity and has some cute pics of us on there. Check out Barbe’s post.

So with all this good information please, right now, go buy the book! Next, listen to the podcast.

Here’s wishing each of you a truly Artful day!

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