Why Get Real?

 A bit of history:


Get Real Scrapbooking is a passion of mine. In 2006, I was creating art projects about finding one’s authentic self though sincere scrapbooking. The project was about living life joyfully, developing deep and truthful relationships with family and friends, knowing and honoring yourself (strengths and weaknesses), listening to the small voice within and following your heart even when everyone around you thinks you’re off your nut.


For me, being real is my path. Scrapping real was the art form (at the time) that I chose to document and celebrate my life and my loved ones. When asked to give a one-sentence explanation of Get Real Scrapbooking, the simplest answer I came up with is “Scrapbooking for the Soul.” I created a six-week series class based on my ideas and designs for my favorite scrapbooking store, Paper and Metal Scrappers, in Payson, Arizona.


Though Brenda and Barbara, the very hip, very supportive owners of the store, loved the idea and were willing to take a chance on me, we were all a bit dubious as to how people would respond. The class immediately filled with 11 women willing to take a journey with me to scrap real.  There was a waiting list to boot. Word spread and I taught a second group of ladies my Get Real Scrapbooking philosophy.


I began a WordPress blog under the same name, and kept it going until July 2009. Two things happened that caused me to stop the blog. First, my beautiful daughter was born and I knew I wouldn’t be able to update often. Also, I felt my Get Real Scrapbooking blog had simply run its course.


I stopped scrapbooking shortly after teaching my classes because I had seriously decided to start a new career in mixed media. That meant found object jewelry and paper arts college and assemblage.


The reason I wished to incorporate this into my new blog is that as a journalist, I appreciate a sense of personal history. It’s easy to erase, change or forget about things in the digital age.


I still live a very “Real” life philosophy. Sometimes, I can be a bit “too real” for some folks. Yes, we all want to put our best faces forward. We like things easy and perfect and beautiful. But life is messy. Juggling life as a work-from-home artist/writer mother, means I’ve learned to find equilibrium in the chaos.


So now I begin a new chapter in my life and and a new blog. This is my story and mine alone to tell…