Win two spots in my Deconstructed Retreat

A Closet Built for 2 – Charity Donation/Contest

We’ve all heard about the closet. Going in, coming out..doesn’t matter to me. However I’ve got two great reason to head into the closet during my upcoming Deconstructed Retreat – that’s right, ART and sharing it with your best friend!

Grab your best artsy girlfriend and enter a chance to win two seats in my Deconstructed/Reconstructed Art Retreat January 25-28th 2018 hosted by Charity Wings in the beautiful wine country of Temecula, California. Want to win an art retreat package valued at more than $2,600? Here’s how:

  1. Make a $25 per girlfriend donation to Charity Wings, a 501(3)c arts organization by using this Google Form
  2. Complete the Closet Built for Two – Deconstructed Retreat! Application
  3. Charity Wings will email a donation request to each person and once it’s paid, this will complete the application process.
  4. Share on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tag us. Each social share puts your name into the hat for additional chances to win.
  5. The names of girlfriend pairs will be put into a proverbial hat and will be announced during a Facebook Live on Tuesday December 5th
  6. The contest is all-inclusive for the retreat only. Airfare and Transportation to and from the retreat is not included.

If you win, you will be sleeping in this closet with your bestie (photo right). The gorgeous Prima Retreat house where we’re holding the art retreat sleeps 18 people. One of the guest room closets has been turned into a cozy little sleeping nook. You will both have your own twin beds to sleep in, but just like when you were 12, you’ll be able to put your heads close enough together to whisper secrets.

When I first thought of the idea of doing my Deconstructed/Reconstructed art retreats I was so excited that I immediately called one of my best friends – Elena Lai Etcheverry, founder and executive director of Charity Wings, to tell her all about it. She immediately felt the excitement and said, “I wanna come. Better yet, let’s do it together!” Since I’m on the Charity Wings Board of Directors and have a heart for charity, I was all in. Having Charity Wings host my first Deconstructed art retreat and being able to share this amazing experience with her is a no brainer. Now the two of us want to share it with you.

What is Charity Wings?

Charity Wings Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization EIN: 20-8864245. It’s mission is to be an inspiring place for people of all ages to gather, give back, and create. As part of its mission, Charity Wings partners with other charities serving the disabled community, low income families, military/veterans, various support groups and more by providing free creativity sessions to their clients and beneficiaries. The Charity Wings Art Center provides a place for these organizations to bring their clients weekly to gather, mainstream, and learn team work. They participate in center work projects and create their own art and craft projects with a team of dedicated volunteer instructor.

What is Jen’s Deconstructed/Reconstructed Art Retreat all about?

A fundamental skill of every mixed-media artist is the ability to see an object not for what it is but what it can become. Transforming common objects into art takes a keen eye, an innovative mind and skilled hands. For the re-imagined art to be beautiful it takes knowledge, some talent and a little bit of magic for both the artist and the viewer. I have honed all of the above and I want to share my skills with you in my brand new Deconstructed/Reconstructed Art Retreat.

This is not a conventional art retreat. This is an intimate deep-dive where we’ll be looking at found objects in a new light and deciding on the spot (using your intuition and unique aesthetic) how to transform them into original works of art. I will guide you, teaching tangible skills of taking the object down to its bones or simply enhancing its natural beauty. It all depends on the object and the story you want to tell. We’ll also take bits and pieces of objects and reconstruct them into something entirely different using handheld power tools, cold connection techniques, wirewrapping and art supplies, such as paint, clay, patina, mediums and more. At the end of this retreat, you’ll visualize like an artist and construct like an engineer.

Because I’m one of those mixed-media artists whose tried every medium and material imaginable and love it all, we’ll be exploring jewelry, collage and assemblage and how the same set of deconstruction/reconstruction skills are applicable across the board. We’ll also be talking a lot about the essential element nearly every piece of great art embodies – Storytelling. You will create work that resonates with your heart and soul; art that not only looks good but feels good too. My journalism background before art has taught me a thing or two about word play and finding the narrative.

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NOTE: If you’re not the lucky winners, but want to join us for this awesome art retreat chock-full of instruction, inspiration, laughs, good food and great wine we would LOVE to have you. As a participant of this contest and a supporter of Charity Wings, receive $100 off the retreat.